Training and events


We offer a wide range of training courses:

  • training in firearms shooting
  • training in firearms design and operation
  • shooting courses and improvement of shooting skills
  • shooting courses for companies and individuals
  • first aid courses

We also organize integration events, stag nights and hen parties for groups at our shooting range.

Events for children and youth:

  • cost of shooting from PLN 65 per person
  • the consent of parents/guardians is required for participation of children and youth in shooting activities
  • for children and young people present at the shooting range, at least one guardian must be present with a permission from other parents/guardians for the children to participate in shooting.
  • the range of firearms and ammunition depends on the age of participants

Integration events:

  • cost of shooting from PLN 100 per person
  • shooting takes the form of recreation or a sports competition
  • please let us know how many people will participate so that we can prepare the offer, quote the price per participant or the total amount for all participants and the duration of the event
  • booking of the entire shooting range (a group of at least 6 people)

We can suit each offer to your individual needs, expectations and abilities ­čÖé